There are so many wonderful benefits of dance throughout an individual's life. We at CINDCO feel the most important aspects of dance are discipline, self-esteem, time management, sportsmanship, good health & friendships. The following are other great reasons why one should dance! We hope to see you dancing with us soon! CINDCO Team

Balance, Grace & Good Posture: When learning dance techniques, these are all part of movements that are encouraged and promoted.

Fitness: According to experts, dancing helps build muscle, burn fat and elevates heart rates, all good for fighting childhood obesity.

Coordination: While learning to dance, the movements are repeated which helps move everything together with momentum.

Motor Skills: Dance is always near the top of the list when the experts talk about the development of gross motor skills. Dancing is a great way to get those large muscles moving!

Self-Expression: Children who are shy or have trouble expressing themselves verbally can express themselves through movement.

Self-Confidence: Mastering a move or technique can give children a felling of empowerment.

Release Energy: Dance gives children an opportunity to use their energy with a positive outcome.

Social Benefits: Not only can dance help with team building, but it offers children the opportunity to step out of their comfort zone and try new things while making new friends.

Rhythm: Children move all of the time but when you add music something magical happens! For most children it's natural for them to try to move with the sound.